Sunday, April 17, 2016

Sampling Food

Growing up, I wasn't a big fan of meat. I would eat chicken, but I stayed away from pork, fish, and red meat. When I decided to serve a mission and was assigned to Salta, Argentina, I knew this was going to change since Argentine's love their beef. Now I eat every type of meat and am willing to try almost any kind of food. But something that has always been off my list is fast food hamburgers, with the exception of In-n-Out (you can't marry a California girl without trying In-n-Out first). So a while back we decided it would be fun to replicate the Buzzfeed Fast Food Taste Test and see which burger and fries were the best of all the fast food places in Alameda. 
We bought hamburgers and fries from In-n-Out, Five Guys, McDonalds, Burger King, Carl's Junior, and Jack in the Box. Then we labeled the bottom of the fries and burgers and did a taste test to see which ones we preferred. 
Some of our friends were more well versed in fast food burgers and were able to identify some of the burgers easily, but not all the burgers and fries were easy to place. Some burgers were disgusting, and some of the fries were inedible, which is probably not surprising considering that we were dining on fast food. 
In-n-Out had the most disgusting fries, and Burger King and Five Guys were the standouts for fries. In-n-Out had one of the best burgers, but Carl's Junior was one of the all around favorites. Jack in the Box was one of the worst all around and nobody really wanted to finish the burger from there. McDonald's and Burger King also scored pretty low. 

It was a lot of fun sampling all the burgers, even though we all finished the night with stomach aches. Now that I've dined on fast food burgers, I can't say that I'll pick up this habit anytime soon, but at least I know where to avoid in case I'm ever stranded on the highway and my only options are Carl's Junior and Burger King. 

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