Monday, August 3, 2015

Welcome to the Bay

We moved. Yes, again. For our friends and family, this is normal. For our acquaintances, they can't seem to keep it straight where we are currently based. Well, we are now living in Alameda, California (the bay area). I took a job at the Foundation for Sustainable Development in San Francisco, so we packed our things and moved up north. 

Since moving, here are some things we have done: 
We spent time with Caitlin's family in San Diego (yeah, we moved from San Diego and went right back down to visit. Crazy, I know.) and took family pictures. Caitlin's little brother, Justin, left for his LDS mission to Argentina in June so we had to go and see him off. Everyone came into town, and it was nice being able to spend time with family for a quick weekend.
We've also been able to spend time with Amber and Alan, since they live just an hour south of us. And of course, I don't have any pictures of Alan or Amber, but really, our visits are mainly about our cute niece and nephew anyway, right? We even got to go bowling with them, which was an adventure. I'm pretty sure we lost to the kids. They are pretty good at using the ramp and bumpers to their advantage. 
I've been on two business trips. The first one was to Nicaragua for 10 days. I was able to visit the Masaya Volcano and Grenada (one of our favorite cities) during one of my site visits. And then I also visited our site in Tola (check out the view from my hotel below) and Chicago for a pre-departure summit for some of our interns. 
We attended the Alameda County Fair, ate ourselves some corn dogs, went on some rides, and played some carnival games.

We also won two goldfish, which we named Leslie and Ron. They only lived for a week, even though we were amazingly attentive parents. 
It was such a tragic day when they passed on (both in the same day), so we decided to try and parent a vegetable garden instead. We are growing tomatoes, green and red peppers, zucchini, and cucumber. So far we have a handful of tomatoes, a couple of cucumbers, some zucchini, and a few green peppers. The red peppers and cucumbers are the slowest to grow, but the other ones are loving life on our apartment balcony. If we have a successful harvest, maybe we'll think about trying live pets again. 
We also celebrated the 4th of July small town USA style in Alameda. We went to a breakfast at our church building and then sat outside and watched a parade with a lot of trucks and horses and American flags. It was glorious. 
We also enjoyed the release of Jurassic World by grabbing a Jurassic Smash blizzard from Dairy Queen and watching the movie. Great movie. I'm obsessed with dinosaurs again. Made me feel just like I did when I was 10 years old. 
And now you know what we do here in the bay. Don't worry, there will be a lot more blogging about things we're doing. It is gorgeous up here and there is so much to see. We are going to be very very busy in the upcoming weeks/months/years.