Friday, October 31, 2014

It's The Great Pumpkin!

Caitlin and I are kids at heart. Seriously. We love doing things that are typically geared toward children. Like taking a day trip and going to the pumpkin patch. It had been way too long since the last time I had been, so we drove an hour north of San Diego and went to Lavender Hill Pumpkin patch. 
It was such a sweet experience. They have a pumpkin museum with a hundred different pumpkin breeds, which we perused for a bit before making our way to the patch. We had fun with all the pumpkins, trying out different weights, sizes, and textures.
I wanted to find a warty one, but I couldn’t find the perfect wart face, so in the end I picked out a jolly orange one. Caitlin wanted a tall skinny one, and she found her perfect mate on the patch.

One of the best parts about going to this particular patch was the receipt they gave us at the end of our purchase. When you go to the front, they have hoops that measure your pumpkins to tell you how much they would cost. Caitlin had picked out a $5 pumpkin, and mine was an $8 pumpkin. 
Then the woman at the front (co-owner with her husband) told us that she had to give us our receipt. She gave us two options, a short and snooty French child-style receipt, or a long flowy, and beautiful north England style receipt. We chose the north England receipt and were treated with a beautiful song she sang while playing her guitar. The song was about a man in a blue bonnet, which she clarified was a type of soldier hat. We were in heaven. Caitlin had to take a picture with her before we set off. It was seriously the best receipt we have ever received.
Now all that is left is carving these bad boys. Since today is Halloween, we are kind of behind on getting things done, but we will carve them tonight and have beautiful Jack-o-Lanterns for our trick or treaters tonight.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Happy Birthday Lindsey!

Caitlin was so funny when it comes to Lindsey’s birthday. For some reason she becomes a kid when she starts scheming about how to surprise other people. It is actually really adorable.
For Lindsey, she wanted to make her a balloon wall that would fall on her when she woke up, so we spent the night before her birthday blowing up balloons. Then, the next morning at 5:30 we got up and starting making a saran wrap door. Luckily, Lindsey is a really deep sleeper, so she didn’t wake up to the light, our giggles, or the sound of balloons rubbing against balloons. Lindsey woke up before Caitlin left to work and she regaled us with the story of how, with her eyes closed and still in a morning stupor, she thought she was being attacked as balloons cascaded over her head. Yes! Complete success.
While Caitlin was at work, I made Lindsey a cake, and after dinner we sang her happy birthday sans birthday candles. Seems like we overlooked that little detail. Then we devoured cake and Lindsey opened her present from us (well, from Caitlin, but I was there too). Caitlin made her a necklace (her first necklace she has ever made) and a pair of matching earrings. It was beautiful. I should’ve taken a picture of it, but it didn’t really cross my mind.
That weekend, Lindsey had a party at the beach. We roasted marshmallows and made s’mores and hung out with a bunch of Lindsey’s friends until we were too tired to keep our eyes open. I don’t know why we didn’t really take any pictures at the party except for these two that I snapped right before we left. Oh well, I’m sure someone else was there documenting the party with a slew of selfies.

Anyway, now Lindsey is 23 years old, and we enjoyed it just like we were little kids. Here’s to another great year of life! 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Beach Days and Octoberfest

I don't think you can ever spend too much time at the beach. Even after backpacking and practically living on the beach, I still love the relaxation that comes from a day at the beach. But we have hardly gone to the beach since being in San Diego. I don't know why, but we've been irresponsible on that front. :)
But we still managed to spend at least one day a month at the beach. The last weekend in September we headed out for a few hours, just to soak up some sun on an otherwise uneventful day.
The water is really warm in September (warm for California) so we had to go into the water before the ocean turns back to ice. We walked to the shore, counted to three, and ran into the water, diving into the first wave that was above our waist. Surprisingly, it was really nice.
The next weekend, we went out to Octoberfest in La Mesa. There wasn't a ton for us to do since we didn't need any crafts, and we ate before going, but it was still fun to walk through the super full downtown streets of La Mesa. Caitlin became a work of art as the Mona Lisa. 
It was fun just spending the night out walking around. It reminded me of the ferias in Mexico we used to go to. We walked from our house down there, and chatted with a guy from Senegal who made bracelets and baskets, and a woman from Guatemala that was selling artisan crafts. All the world collides right here in San Diego. We absolutely love it.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Sweet Visit from Sanna

A few weeks ago we had a great visit from our friend Sanna. She and I attended school at SIT together, and now she lives out in Virginia. Of course, we love having guests, so we enjoyed showing her all of San Diego. She was so funny. She kept saying that this was like staying at a resort cause we fixed her food (not fancy food, just regular food) and gave her tours of the city. She even had to take a picture of me making her a smoothie. The smoothie isn't too fancy, but Sanna was impressed. :)

Caitlin had to work on Friday, so I took Sanna out to see the town. We went to the Mexican border (Sanna didn't bring her passport, so we didn't cross the border), and we snapped a few pictures with signs and the Mexican flag. Oh how I miss that sweet country. 

There's Tijuana in the background! When Sanna comes to visit again, we are definitely going to make a trip across the border so she can actually experience Mexico, not just see it.

Then we went to Coronado and walked on the beach and into some of the shops. This beach was really cool, and they even had gold sand in part of it. So weird. We couldn't figure out why the sand was gold. 

We also explored Old Town and went to the Mormon Battalion and ate some great Mexican food. We jammed a lot of stuff into the day. 
At 4:00 we met up with Caitlin to go to a rodeo in Poway. Sanna had never been to a rodeo before! Seriously? How could she never have been to a rodeo? And who comes to San Diego to go to a rodeo? WE DO!
So of course, we had to try on hats and play around with everything country. 

And we ate some amazing deep fried food too. We had some nachos and fried dough, or a big scone. I don't really know what you call those in San Diego. I feel like the name of it changes depending on where you are. 

And then of course, there was the actual rodeo! We were there pretty early, so we had to sit around and chat for a bit (that make it sound bad, but it was actually a joy to sit around and talk). Then the rodeo started and by the end of the night I could barely talk because I had been yelling so much.

We love having visitors, no matter where we are. And right now, we're in San Diego - so come and visit us! It gives us an excuse to explore and you get to have an amazing vacation with really cool people. :)

Monday, October 13, 2014

Another Catching Up Blog Post

Man... I used to be really good at blogging. And now... meh. It doesn't even sound like a good thing to do most days. Where has my motivation gone? 

Well, I thought this blog would be my remedy to not blogging, and maybe it will get me back on the bandwagon. Although, are we supposed to be on the bandwagon? I'm still not sure I know what the proper procedure is. :)

Anyway, here are some things we've been up to lately. 

We redid a couple of pieces of furniture. Yeah - we've never done anything like this before, but we are really happy with how it turned out. Caitlin did like 90% of the work, but I put the knobs on and carried it upstairs, so I feel like I accomplished something as well. We also did a nightstand that is on Caitlin's side of the bed. She did 100% of that one. I'm basically just a bystander in this section of the blog. 
We spent a few weekends going to the Bead Shop Hop, which is an event in southern California where you go from bead store to bead store and buy beads - and get stamps in a passport that gives you entrance into a bunch of drawings. 
This year the theme was books, so every single bead store was themed after a different book. Caitlin had to take a picture of the store owner that dressed up like the Little Mermaid. 
This little photo was taken outside of the store that did Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. Outside of the store was the Man Cave, so I hung out with this skeleton for a little while. 
And since we spent so much time bead shopping, Caitlin has been really busy designing earrings. Seriously, we made almost 40 new pairs of earrings for our Etsy store. We have had 90 sales since we opened the shop. We're hoping to get to 100 by the end of the year. So, if you need any gifts or anything, you can check out her shop. 
While we were up near LA going to bead stores, we went to the temple in Newport beach. It was a cool temple and we were glad to be able to go. 

This past week I started an internship at PCI Global. I am working in their Women's Empowerment Initiative, and so far it has been really great... although I haven't gotten too much into my work yet. In case you were wondering what PCI is all about, here are some videos that explain it. 

There are a bunch of other things happening right now too, and although this blog wasn't the most exciting, I figured I should write about these things before going into the other fun things we've been experiencing. So, until next time blogworld.