Tuesday, October 22, 2013

San Francisco and San Diego

Get excited... this is the last post about our road trip! Whew! I never thought this day would come. :)

After we spent time with my family in Oregon, we drive the entire length of California, stopping in Sacramento, San Francisco, and San Diego. We didn't think we had a lot of time to spend in any of the places since we had to hurry and get to Mexico - but then there were some unexpected delays and we ended up staying a few extra weeks in San Diego. But since we didn't know about that, we blasted through northern California. 

Our first stop was for a few minutes in Sacramento where we said hi to Stuart Spieth, my old roommate and friend from Estacada. He and his wife live there and we hadn't seen him in over a year, so we stopped in to say hi real fast before we headed over to San Francisco. 

Caitlin's sister lives near San Francisco with her husband and two kids. Our brother-in-law, Alan, works for Facebook, so he took us on a tour of the campus and let us see all the swag that Facebook employees are privy to. It was actually pretty sweet. If only Facebook had an international development department, I would love to work on the campus for a while. 
P.S. if any Facebook big-wigs want to create that department for me to work in, I will come take a look in May :)

Besides seeing the Facebook campus, we spent a day exploring a few sites around the city. We went to the Golden Gate Bridge and walked more than halfway across. But seeing as how we had two kids with us, we decided it would probably be better to only go halfway since they weren't seeming like they would want extra long bridge time.

Also - did you know that Caitlin was (is) obsessed with Full House? Also - did you know that Full House takes place in San Francisco? Well, lucky for us, Caitlin knew exactly what she wanted to see in San Francisco that had to do with the show, the Painted Ladies and the front door that was the Full House. We found the Painted Ladies easily, but the front door took a little bit more time to find, even though it was only a few blocks away.

Caitlin was so disappointed that they painted the door, but here is the house!

We only spent one day in San Francisco, and after that we made our way down to San Diego to visit Caitlin's parents. Luckily, Amber and Alan came down too so we got to spend more time with them and their kids. 

We didn't take a lot of pictures while in San Diego, but we spent a fun day pedal boating with the whole family and managed to snap a few pictures while we were out.

This was actually a lot harder than we thought. Our legs were burning after an hour around the lake. Maybe it wasn't that hard and rather it was a wake up call that we had not been exercising for the entire duration of our trip. :)

And of course, whenever we are in San Diego we try and visit Adrea Nichols, who is always full of the best stories and energy. 

We also spent way too much time at the beach, ocean kayaking, boogie boarding with Kami Oliver, and an incident with Clark (Caitlin's dad) a boogie board, and the ocean floor. We enjoyed other things in San Diego as well: the Spanish branch, eating way too much ice cream, Duck Dynasty, going to the temple, becoming addicted to Once Upon a Time, and many other great adventures. We also went on a double date with Clark and Teresa to an Ethiopian restaurant which was amazing. After this trip we are both convinced that living close to Caitlin's parents would not be such a bad thing. But we will see how job hunting goes after we are done in Mexico.

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