Sunday, February 24, 2013

February 3, 2013

February 3rd is one of the happiest days ever. It is the day that Caitlin and I were married, and we've been enjoying each other ever since. Although, I'm pretty sure I enjoy Caitlin more than she enjoys me since I can be slightly annoying at times. :) 

For our anniversary, Caitlin was in charge. I don't think she really chose to be in charge, but I had just started classes again and I had class ALL day Saturday, so out of love she decided to plan the weekend. Our anniversary landed on a Sunday, so we decided to celebrate all weekend. 

Caitlin got tickets for one of Brattleboro's hottest events, an a cappella concert at Latchis theater. It was such a great show! We had pretty good seats (we were sure to get there early) and enjoyed every minute of the a cappella singers. Afterward all we (I) wanted to do was sing as we walked down the street and drove home. 

Latchis theater in Brattleboro.
Caitlin had even prepared a special treat for us when we got home. She had made (from scratch) a delicious (seriously the best) carrot cake, with homemade frosting. I was blown away!

But since it was late we decided to save it for Sunday - which was perfect since we had already eaten our carrot cake anniversary cake 6 months earlier. Isn't she the best? What a great year we have had together. Sometimes it seems like it has gone by super fast - and it should've been a year forever ago. And other times I still can't believe we're married. Weird how time does that to you. 
And we are still in love and happy as ever. Seriously, I don't think I could've been any luckier than I am today.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

That's What's Up

If you want to watch the cutest music video and hear my new favorite song, go ahead and click play. You wont be disappointed. 

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Visit from Mom

My mom came to visit last month, and I am just now getting around to blogging about our adventures. My mom has an adventurous spirit, so it was fun having her here to visit. We took her to four states, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine. Here are a few of the highlights of the trip:

Our first few days were pretty low-key. We got my mom used to rural New England life. We too her to see a couple of covered bridges, frozen rivers, and my campus. We stopped by my office so she could meet my coworkers and see where I worked. Caitlin taught her how to make earrings and I helped her pick out beads to make her own. My mom also taught Caitlin how to make granola, something we had been meaning to try, but hadn't gotten around to.


I also took my mom to Kringle Candle, the candle shop in Bernardston, Massachusetts. We were lucky because all of the candles were 50% off and all the Christmas decorations were 75% off. My mom ended up buying like 40 candles (different scent samplers) so she could try out a lot of different scents once she got home. While she bought a million candles, I found these really cool giraffe statues that were 75% off. They were considered Christmas, but I think we'll use them all year. Although, we're not really sure what they are to be used for. 

We also went to Poet's Seat Tower in Greenfield, Mass, which is a beautiful walk up to a 4 story rock tower overlooking the valley. I had never been, so we decided to make it a day of exploration. It was a really cool building and the view was great (although there is not much to see - you can see for a long ways).

On Saturday we decided it would be a good idea to go to Maine, see a lighthouse, and eat some lobster. And while we were there we had to stick our feet in the Atlantic Ocean as well. 

The water was a lot colder than we had anticipated! Really - it hurt so bad to even put our feet into it. Like shards of glass. But, we did it and that is all that matters! 
The lighthouse was really cool. We couldn't go out to it, since it was on an island, but it was cool to see it from a distance. The beaches are really cool and rocky in Maine. Definitely a place to visit again in the warmth of the summer.

Then on Sunday we visited the Joseph Smith birthplace memorial in Sharon, Vermont. There was so much snow up there that we could barely see the foundation of the cabin where he was born, but we did get to spend a long time in the warm visitor's center and enjoy the senior missionaries. 

Then on the last day my mom was with us, we took her to Boston to see a few sights and eat in the North End (Little Italy). On the way we stopped at Walden Pond (one of our favorites) and the Boston Temple. 

We had a fun time in Boston and followed the Freedom Trail for a little while, but my mom is such a social butterfly, she stopped to take pictures with all her new friends and we didn't get too far. :)
It was a really fun time, and we LOVED having my mom come and visit. Now we just need Caitlin's parents and my dad to come out. Then they can all see why we love New England so much!