Sunday, October 23, 2011

Tour of Burley

I've never really seen a lot of Burley even though I've been living here for two months. So today we decided to take a tour of the town. So basically this post is just the pictures we took all over Burley.
Brynn and Caitlin sitting on a drawbridge.

Having a blast on a graffiti grain.

Then we went to a park and played around on the jungle gym and on all the play structures.

After the park we went and found some cool buildings and Halloween decorations.

Loved finding the Normal Avenue.

I got hit by a bus somewhere along the way.

A little fun with some leaves.

And we finished it off with a BEAUTIFUL sunset.

Now I feel like I really know Burley. It was such a blast going on a tour of the town. Caitlin and I decided that we should tour more towns in the future. Maybe Rexburg will be next.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Song of the Day

I like to listen to music. I like to listen to music a lot. I may listen to music way too much actually. And since Caitlin and I aren't together, I like to send her a song every day that I'm really feeling. So this blog post is dedicated to songs we've had in our "Song of the Day" in the past month. I'm not going to describe the songs, just posting the videos seems sufficient.

Hopefully you enjoy this post of music. Basically every day is a new day and with each new day comes a new song! Isn't it a great life?

Friday, October 21, 2011

Do You Know How To...?

Have you ever sat down and thought about all the diverse things you've learned to do during the course of your life? I know that 25 is not very old to be reminiscing about my life, but I've been thinking a lot lately about some of the strange things I know how to do. Here is a list I've compiled of some of the diverse things I know how to do:

I know how to deliver a baby. What a strange skill to possess, right? Well this is not the only medical-type skill in my repertoire. I actually studied to become an EMT and am nationally certified. Although I took the classes, labs, clinicals, and national exams, I have never practiced. Basically it's just been good information to have. Plus, it makes for a great excuse to tease Caitlin about delivering our children. She's not too keen on the idea. :)

I can read, understand and actually enjoy (gasp!) Shakespeare.
I've always had a love for Shakespeare. I can't quite pinpoint when it started, but most likely it was when I had a silent role in A Midsummer Night's Dream when I was a freshman in high school. Since then I have taken two classes all about Shakespeare and read all but two of his plays. Macbeth is my favorite of them all, but I'm also a fan of Twelfth Night. I think this is a skill that anyone can gain if they have the desire, but when I worked in the English Department at BYU-Idaho there were several people I spoke with who had no desire to ever read or try to comprehend even a sonnet written by Shakespeare. What a shame.

I can drive (and back up) a semi-truck. This is a relitively new skill (the past month or so) and I don't particularly enjoy it, but I feel that it adds to the diversity of things I am able to do. Not many people transition from Shakespeare to semis, but I do. I must admit that the first time I got behind the wheel of one of these monsters I was terrified. Since that first day (which was nearly accident free) I have calmed down quite a bit and am not a semi-pro semi-truck driver.

I know how to tape and treat sports injuries. I even worked in the sports medicine treatment room at BYU-I for a semester. I loved learning how to tape and even more so, I loved practicing on Ben and Rick. The class I had to take was pretty pointless since we learned everything through videos, but it is such a useful skill to have and be able to use when you know someone in need.

I know how to use the Adobe Design Suite and can design virtually anything I set my mind to (although I don't set my mind to impossible design-ness since I didn't study graphic design). I love playing around designing things and while I was at BYU-Idaho I had several of my designs used in advertisements around campus and on the school website. I'm even designing my wedding announcement, which is one of the most difficult pieces I've designed. Designing for yourself is a lot more difficult than designing for a client. If you want to see some of my work you can go here. Just a sampling on a website I made for a class.

I know how to work an SLR and can even develop my own film. SLR, eh? Maybe some of you are confused by this acronym (Single Lens Reflex) but it layman's terms it is a camera that uses a mirror to reflect the image seen in the viewfinder onto the film. Really quite basic, but it has a lot of settings that can kind of be confusing to our generation of digital camera clickers. I used to love taking pictures, and using an SLR was my favorite. But the digital wave took over and the necessity of using film (I even cut and rolled my own) went out the window. It's been years since I've seen a dark room and I doubt they will be coming back into style anytime soon.

I speak Spanish, or en español, Yo hablo Español. I learned Spanish on my two year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Houston, Texas. I loved learning Spanish, and I love being able to communicate with those immigrants that haven't learned English. I work with a guy named Antonio who is from Mexico. He's been in the United States for three years but still hasn't picked up on much English. Since I'm the only one that speaks Spanish, we have formed a bond and now he comes to me when he has questions about what we're doing, and I even gave him a ride in my semi-truck to his car. This could've been a missed friendship had we not spoken the same language. This is one skill I am extremely grateful to possess.

I know how to cut frames and mats and frame pictures. This is a completely useless skill unless I have the proper equipment (I guess some of my other skills are too) but it's still super cool that I can do it! In the picture, Lacy and I are posing inside a frame that I'm sure one of us assembled. We used to work at a custom frame shop where we helped customers match mats and frames to their prints, and then we'd cut the frames, mats, plexiglass and put it all together. Many of the pictures hanging in my dads house are ones that I framed. Having a skill like this for sure gives you beautiful decor around the house.

My last skill is one I also picked up recently, and that is knowing how to drive a tractor. You wouldn't think these babies were all that different from a car, but they are. It only took about a day to figure my way around a tractor, and I had a great teacher who helped me along the way. But had I not been forced into learning for my new job, I don't think I would've ever taken the time to learn the in's and out's of a John Deere. Luckily I have and it is something that can go on my list of random skills I possess.

Well that is it for today. I hope you enjoyed my random list of skills. If you have any sort of crazy weird skills I would love to hear about them. As hard as I tried I could't think of any more skills that show my diversity, but I'm sure they're out there and as soon as I publish this post I'll think of a million. So maybe I'll do another post sometime in the future regarding some other interesting random skills.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hearty Breakfast

This past week when I was up in Rexburg, I requested that Rick Lee Roper make me breakfast while I was in the shower. Only requirement was that it had to taste good. So here is what he served me: a sliced apple with peanut butter on the side, a clump of raisins, Smarties, two sausage links, a sugar cookie with chocolate frosting, a plain sugar cookie, and a sugar cookie with butter, a Milky Way, a banana, four chocolate chips, and a glass of milk.

What a great roommate, right? I couldn't eat the whole meal so I only ate half the apple, one cookie, the raisins, and sausage. I then grabbed a bowl and used the milk to wash down some cereal. I'm so grateful for good roommates and good food. Caitlin laughs about how I have high expectations. I guess that's the problem with having amazing roommates all through college - your wife has to fill their shoes. But I'm 100% confident that she'll handle it with no problems.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Corn Maze

Caitlin and I went to a corn maze this past weekend with my old roommate Ben and her old roommate Cassandra. I didn't realize how much fun a corn maze could be. Normally I try and go when their haunted cause then you are terrified and out of fear you scramble toward the exit. But wandering around in corn without any fear didn't seem like it would be as enjoyable. Luckily this maze had a clue-type game where you had to find posts hidden throughout the maze that eliminated suspects, weapons, and locations.

We spent more than 2 hours in the maze and we never found out who the murderer was. We did have a lot of fun on the way though. Joy in the journey, right?
Caitlin and I tested out our jumping skills.

Then we hid in the corn.
Ben and Cassandra started picking corn. It was a lot harder than you would think.

Then Cassandra and I tasted it
It was really hard, and not good.

And at the end we found a haunted house skeleton. We couldn't go inside, but we had a fun time taking pictures outside. That was until a guy rode up on a dirt bike and told us that they were waiting for us to lock the gate. We were the last people to find our way out of the maze and they couldn't shut down until we left the parking lot. Oops! Luckily since they talked to us we were able to find out who the killer was - and I was COMPLETELY wrong. Caitlin claims that she won since we didn't eliminate any of her guess while we were in the maze, but in the end both Ben and Cassandra had one of their predictions come true.

Basically it was so much fun. I love Halloween and I love corn mazes! What a great time.

Saturday, October 8, 2011


Not only do I love my Toms because of the way they look and feel on my feet, but I love everything they do and stand for. I would love to work for them one day. It would make Caitlin happy too cause they're based out of California.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Remind Yourself Daily

I found the following list on the website and I LOVE it! Such a great list of 20 things to remind yourself of daily. I hope you enjoy.

1. Remind yourself that… you are unique and one of a kind.
Always remember that you were created to make your own mark, a unique identity, in this world. Nobody can dictate to you who you should become, you are responsible in discovering and becoming who you want to be.

2. Remind yourself that… your presence is a present to the world.
You may not know or realize it, but one way or another, someone feels so blessed with your existence. So stop saying you’re nobody, that you don’t have value. Remember that no one becomes a failure unless he gives up trying.

3. Remind yourself that… your life can be just what you want it to be.
Most of life is a choice, having the freedom to act and decide on your own. Start deciding and stop complaining. Remember, life is what you make it.

4. Remind yourself to… take the days just one at a time.
Rushing isn’t all beneficial. Take time to smell the flowers. Don’t overdo yourself. Learn to appreciate life today, for tomorrow; you may not have the chance to do so

.5. Remind yourself to… count your blessings not your troubles.
There are two types of a person, a proactive and a reactive. The latter always see the negative, like trouble, and keeps on blaming life circumstance to other people. On the other hand, the former sees the positive of life. They focus their energy and time in resolving troubles so that they can move on to more important things. They don’t blame or complain. Now, it’s take time for you to reflect, what type of person are you?

6. Remind yourself that… within you are so many answers.
One of the huge disadvantages of a hurried lifestyle is the lack of meditation and reflection. We are too busy, too preoccupied. But if you really want to find true happiness in this life, you have to be still, to quiet your mind so that you can hear your heart.

7. Remind yourself to… understand, have courage, be strong.
Accepting the fact that life is imperfect gives you enough space to expect it to be hard. You have to understand and accept that life circumstance is not always within our control. We can make choices in life, but we can’t fully control the results of life. Which is why for those things you can’t control, you have to learn how to accept, understand and move forward. Remember, life is 90% choice and 10% chance.

8. Remind yourself that… you’ll make it through whatever comes along.
In times of affliction, it can be tough to see the lighter side. But do always remember, that all storms have endings. Just keep moving forward.

9. Remind yourself that… there are so many dreams waiting to be realized
A goal without action is nothing but a dream. It is good when you know what you want and have set your plans. However, if it is only written, it can’t be realized. You have to take action. You have to wake up, stand up and work your way to make it a reality.

10. Remind yourself that… decisions are too important to leave to chance.
Remember, life is 90% choice and 10% chance. Notice that we are in control of our life 90% of the time and yet, many people give all to chances. We let things happen instead of making things happen.

11. Remind yourself to… not put limits on yourself.
One of the differences between achievers and non-achievers is the size of their dreams. Big people achieve big dreams because they think big. The same is true to small people. They achieve smaller dreams because they think small. The key then is to have confidence in oneself and think BIG!

12. Remind yourself that… nothing wastes more energy than worrying.
Worry is a complete waste of energy. Even how much you think about it over and over, it will not solve anything. Worry gives you nothing but bad feelings. Instead of investing your time thinking of the problem, shift your thoughts on how you can solve it and then move on.

13. Remind yourself that… the longer you carry a problem, the heavier it gets.
When faced with bad situation or problem, most of us leave it behind undecided. We may think that the safest solution is leaving it to chances. However, indecision does not solve the problem. It only gives you temporary relief. But sooner or later, you will feel its impact. Most of the time, it’s bigger than the original. Remember, don’t avoid problems, instead, be braved enough to face and solve it so you can move forward fast. Stop being a coward!

14. Remind yourself to… Live a life of serenity, not regrets.
People who find it hard to succeed in life are those who live in the shadow of the past. They cling too much of what they used to have that they seldom adapt and move forward in life. Remember that you can no longer alter what happened in the past but you can change your future. Accept what had happened and learn to move on.

15. Remind yourself to… do ordinary things in an extraordinary way.
Majority of us do the same thing every day for a couple of years. It’s like a cycle that just goes round and round. The tendency of this kind of life is that you get too relaxed that you may find life as boring. But instead of focusing on the negative feeling of boredom, why not take charge and create a change. Sometimes, change does not only happen by surprise. You have the capacity to create change. And why not do it now? Who knows, it will give you the big break you’ve been dreaming of.

16. Remind yourself to… not take yourself too seriously.
Remember, no one else does. The only person that becomes hampered when you are too serious is you. Keep a mature mind but a young heart. Smile, you look better when you do.

17. Remind yourself that… friendship is a wise investment.
True friendship lasts forever. You may not see them often but when friendship is true, even how time and distance separates you, true friends are the one that stays with you. If you found this type of friends, care and treasure them. For it is one of the best gifts you will ever receive in your life.

18. Remind yourself to… reach for your peak, your goal, your prize.
Remember that as long as you are alive, you have all the chance to achieve your goals and dreams. Don’t get discourage by past failures. Keep striving. Be aware that success comes from multiple failures. And those who win are those who have finished the race.

19. Remind yourself to… take time to wish upon a star.
Have faith with your dreams until you achieve it. Nothing is impossible when you believe.

20. Remind yourself that… it’s never too late.
Often times we resist change because we think that it is too late for us to change. Recall that we all have countless chances in this life. You just have to learn accepting change.

New Family

When you marry someone, you marry their family. At least that is what I've heard. I'm not quite there yet, but I have to say that I'm actually excited for it. Caitlin and I have COMPLETELY different families. It's hard for either of us to really comprehend how different our families are. But one thing I've come to understand is that rather than comparing families or thinking about the odd quirks or challenges our individual families possess, I'm focusing on whether or not I would want to be friends with her family. That may seem kind of strange since I will be related to them after we're married, but you can't choose your family. You can, however, choose your friends.

Would I be friends with Caitlin's family? For sure. They're fun and loyal. They strive to be good influences. I can talk casually to any of them, and I feel as though they've accepted me for who I am. I'm really enjoying being around her family. We're not around my family quite as much so it may be a bigger transition, but since my family already loves Caitlin, I'm sure it will come naturally.

Here are a few pictures of us from this past weekend when we went to General Conference and spent some time with Caitlin's family.

Caitlin and I in the conference center.

Lindsey and Caitlin. I know Lindsey the best out of all of Caitlin's sisters and she is seriously so great. I like to pretend she is my little sister as well, only I don't try and make her play school with me or force her to clean her room like Caitlin did growing up.

This is part of the Smith family. A bit of the extended family. They were so great to us and let us stay at their house in Provo even though they went to Salt Lake for the weekend.

And of course, would one of my blog posts be complete without a reference to music? I love the Avett Brothers and the first few lines in this song are amazing. I also love the rest of the song a lot. Actually I love all of their music A LOT. Enjoy.

"The family is both the fundamental unit of society as well as the root of culture. It ... is a perpetual source of encouragement, advocacy, assurance, and emotional refueling that empowers a child to venture with confidence into the greater world and to become all that he can be." -Marianne E. Neifert